A loan to finance your work

Your home needs a facelift? Want to enlarge? Yes, but renovations, as well as development work, often have a significant cost. To make your project a reality, choose a work credit!

A revolution !

To finance all your projects, we offer a loan of a new kind: the loans are indeed directly financed by our community of investors


Finance up has its own credit institution accreditation issued by the ACPR (Prudential Control and Resolution Authority), in order to offer an alternative to traditional loan offers.

What is a credit work?

The loan works is a type of personal loan that can be assigned to the completion of work, that is to say that can be used only for the completion of such work. This loan solution is more and more popular with households who want to beautify or renovate their home. Especially since it applies to a principal residence as well as to a rental or secondary residence. Granted by a bank or credit institution, the credit works belongs to the category of consumer credit.

The credit works allows the borrower to finance work of any kind. It can for example be:

  • Maintenance work (roof, pipes, garden, parking lot, electricity …)
  • Development work (attic, kitchen, veranda, bathroom, etc.)
  • Extension work (extension through a veranda, elevation of the house, development of the attic …)
  • Decoration work (painting, plaster, tapestry …)
  • Energy renovation work (attic insulation, replacement of windows, improvement of the heating system …).

Questions about credit work?

The benefits of Credit Work at Finance up?

The Benefits of Credit Work In terms of credits, Finance up makes your life easier! It is now one of the only retail lending platforms to offer a 100% online credit application, from simulation to electronic signature of the contract, via digital document transmission. Moreover, the speed and simplicity of our platform allows you today to borrow from 1,000 to 500,000 euros, safely, thanks to the protection of all data on the platform.z Finance up?

Ready work at Finance up: how does it work?

To complete your credit application, simply make a simulation directly on our platform, choosing the type of credit, the amount and the maturity you want. Then, you will have to fill in the different information that we will ask you. At the end of this simulation, you will get an answer in principle. Then it’s very simple: just sign your contract electronically and upload your supporting documents in the dedicated portal, either from your computer or by taking pictures with your smartphone. Upon receipt of your complete application for credit work, we can make a final response within 24 hours *. Once you have received your final funding agreement, we will send you the funds in record time. Finally, to set up the most appropriate work financing solution, take the time to estimate the total amount of your work, be it related to the renovation of your home, its layout, or to improving your home. Once done, feel free to simulate your credit work using the free online finance up tool. A few clicks will be enough to give you a precise idea of ​​the cost of your personal loan!