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How to borrow at Finance-up?

Who can borrow at Finance up?

Finance up ensures that each borrower has a healthy financial situation before granting a loan. We are less as demanding as banks and credit institutions “traditional” on the creditworthiness of borrowers.

To borrow from Finance up, the borrower and the co-borrower must meet the following 4 conditions:

  • be between 18 and 80 years old;
  • reside in France, Italy, Belgium, Spanish, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Netherlands, Hungary, England, Sweden, Poland
  • Justify stable income

What evidence will I need to provide?

Finance up asks you for supporting documents required by law or in accordance with the practices of banking institutions. The precise list of supporting documents that we ask for is displayed on the Credential Download page (or on page 2 of the Credit Agreement Offer sent to you by e-mail)

Note that we simplify the process for borrowers who have already had a first loan Finance up! If you are already a customer, this is our best way to thank you for your loyalty and to offer you an ever smoother and easier customer experience.

All these parts are studied in a secure and confidential way, in accordance with banking secrecy and the rules imposed on Finance up by its credit institution accreditation approved by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority.

List of supporting documents

  • ID
  • Salary Bulletin
  • Tax notice
  • Proof of address
  • Account statement
  • Bank details
  • Credit Agreement
  • Certificate of resumption of professional activity
  • Certificate of accommodation
  • Certificate of end of probationary period
  • Pension Bulletin
  • Pension Bulletin
  • Employment contract
  • Military Engagement Agreement
  • Credits schedule
  • Mobile phone bill
  • Judgment of Divorce / Non-Conciliation Act / ACSD Unbundling Act
  • CAF proof
  • Proof of payment of unpaid debts
  • Property tax

ATTENTION: The list of parts to download may vary depending on your profile

How to send my vouchers?

To import your supporting documents:

1: Directly from the credit application form.

2: By answering the email you will receive when you apply for credit online

3: By mailing your contract
Make sure you have downloaded all the necessary documents to study the file, to have signed your contract and your mandate.


What insurance can we subscribe with Finance up

When you apply for credit, you can subscribe: either the basic guarantee alone (death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, interruption of work due to illness or accident), or the latter accompanied by the guarantee of loss of employment. These insurances are optional, but recommended in order to preserve your ability to repay in case of "accidents of life".
Regarding the basic guarantee, note that a Senior option can be subscribed (covering only the death).
You will only be able to subscribe to these insurances when you subscribe to your credit: think about it now

Can I buy insurance after taking out a loan at Finance up?

No, you can subscribe to the insurance only at the same time as the credit subscription.

How old can you buy insurance?

You can subscribe the basic guarantee (Death / Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy / Work Breakdown) until the day before your 65th birthday (age at subscription of the credit).
The Senior option (Death only) can be taken out at the age of 65 on the eve of your 81st birthday (age at which the credit is taken out).
You can take out the Loss of Employment Guarantee until the day before you turn 60 (age at which the credit is taken out).

Monthly fees

When is the first monthly payment taken?

Finance up offers you an advantageous mechanism: in order to relieve your budget, your first monthly payment will be paid on the 4th of the second month following the availability of funds.
For example, if your credit funds are paid on March 3, 2010, your first monthly payment will be taken on June 4, 2013. However, if your credit funds are paid on May 1, 2010, your first monthly payment will be taken on July 4, 2010.
It therefore takes between 30 and 60 days between the provision of funds and the collection of the first monthly payment.

What if I want to prepay?

You can of course prepay your loan, with ease, whether partial or full prepayment. You can make a prepayment by check payable to Finance up, credit card by contacting us by phone or bank transfer to the account of Finance up.
In case of early partial repayment, you will have the choice between maintaining the monthly payment, or maintaining the remaining term of the loan.

Any early refund is totally free!

The detailed conditions of the early repayment are indicated in your loan agreement.
To make a full prepayment, first consult your credit schedule (available in your customer area) to identify the amount of the payment to us: this is the next monthly payment and the remaining amount due to pay to this same monthly payment.
This amount must be cashed before the 1st of the month of this next monthly payment. The latter will then be your last monthly credit.

What happens if I have a late payment?

In the event of delay in the payment of your monthly payments, you will be very quickly contacted by the customer service, in order to regularize your situation.
As provided in the credit agreements of all institutions, late penalties of 8% of unpaid monthly payments are applicable.
You can pay unpaid monthly payments by bank transfer.